Ya Ma Kan

Memories alive

This is a project to preserve Syrians’ memories and rights.

What is Ya Ma Kan?

YaMakan is a collaborative project designed to help Syrians and Palestinian-Syrians who were forcibly displaced because of the conflict in Syria to preserve their memories by plotting them on a Google map using diversified audio-visual-lexical evidences.

The map shows personal stories from that past with the dual objective of documentation and healing.

Our Beliefs

  • At YaMaKan we believe in the power of discursive practices and the different forms of storytelling in shaping realities.
  • We believe this power demands more conscious and responsible attention in conflict and war times.
  • We believe narratives play crucial role in manifesting but also formulating our understanding about the past, present and future.
  • Conflict brings many traumas and post traumas . We believe in narrative practices and analysis role in tackling those challenges.
  • We also believe in the role information technologies can play in the processes of discursive production, reproduction and distribution.
  • We believe a proactive, collective and participatory approach facilitated by information technologies where Syrian citizens can express their beliefs, emotions and ideas about conflict will help to mediate conflict and facilitate peace making processes and sub-processes.
  • We believe all of this can not happen without YOUR help. Your story.

How You Can Help

Tell your stories

By sharing your stories you are already doing a lot. You are actively and responsibly participating in what i call ‘collective writing of history’ which is facilitated by new technologies of shared writing. You are documenting, preventing history forging, peacefully participating in countering false narratives and strategically mainstreamed misinformation. By contributing your stories you are defending your ‘memory rights’ and right to exist.

GIS & IS expertise

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Systems (IS) expertise is needed. We need help with:

  • Facilitating and optimizing Massive/Crowd contribution to the Syrian map.
  • Come up with creative solutions to mitigate risks, organize shared information and prevent misuse.
  • Contribute possible creative front end and back end solutions to collect geo-stories, store them and restore them.

Narrative Expertise

The volume of qualitative data for the project is expected to be enormous. Citizens will be telling their stories with unstructured formats, using local Syrian language variations. There will be many implied messages. There will be different modals of expression and different narrative structures. We need help in analyzing the narratives but also in helping us launch narrative workshops.


Recent Stories

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  • To the old man and the sea?
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